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The ArchitectureGroup is concerned with the overall architecture of JOS. The following are sub groups of the ArchitectureGroup: The architecture group shares the jos-general mailing list with other groups. See also MailingList article. The architecture mailing list at http://jos.org/mailman/listinfo/arch is in-active. The mailing list archive for JOS-Arch is http://cjos.sourceforge.net/redist/mail/arch .

The Spin archive is at http://www.spin.de/osproject/archive/jos-requirements-archive/

Questions: How do I propose a new group? And, should there be an APIGroup? -- GilbertHerschberger (10 June 1999).
For more information on the purpose of the ArchitectureGroup, see also FourAspects article. -- GilbertHerschberger (9 February 2000).

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