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Suggested Development Tools

Please add your own development configurations to help people get started.

Linux | MacOS | FreeBSD | MS-DOS | OS/2, AIX, and OS/400 | BeOS

Java native :)

Solaris/Sparc or Intel or Win 95/NT Intel first:

Solaris/Sparc or Intel or Win 95/NT Intel then consider : Linux : http://developer.java.sun.com/developer/earlyAccess/j2sdk13/download-linux.html FreeBSD: OpenBSD: For DOS users: For Macintosh users: For OS/2, AIX, and OS/400: For BeOS: Who've we offended ... SGI's, HP UX ... ? Add them here:

No, really. I must have left someone out... Come on?

"eisvogel flieg" eisvogel.flieg@gmx.net wrote:

There is another fast GPL java compiler. It's "guavac" for Linux. It's nice when trying to figure out bugs in the first stages of development. Later though, the other mentioned packages are fine.


ps there exists also a "gcj" / "gjava" rpm, which needs gcc

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