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GettingStartedDevelopment; DevelopmentPages

  1. Go to http://www.jos.org/wiki/wikiregistration.html . You will get a form for applying for a Wiki Password. Fill it out and submit it. Wait until you get an e-mail confirmation telling you your account has been created.
  2. While you're waiting for that, browse the JOS Wiki. Go to MailingList and sign up for a mailing list. Note: Do not sign up for obsolete mailing lists using http://jos.org/mailman/listinfo.
  3. Go to MemberList and sign up. You will need to use your WikiName and password from step 1.
  4. Go to the jos-general@lists.sourceforge.net mailing list to discuss official package names. Go to all packages to see existing packages. Go to Packages to see proposed packages. Do not reserve a package name by editing the wiki and adding your package name to the tree.
  5. Go to the ProjectList and add your project to the appropriate area.
  6. Check your source into a CVS server managed by a "sister" project or start your own. Contact the team leader of a sister project to set up your personal CVS account.
  7. Create a Wiki page concerning your software
  8. Link your software's Wiki page to other relevant Wiki pages.
  9. Edit other relevant Wiki pages and link them to your page.
  10. Provide a link to the CVS page (so people will know how to download your software from a CVS server) and CVSWebInterface page (so they can browse it online).
  11. Provide links to the appropriate products page (see GettingStartedProducts for a list) when you have a binary to download. For now, we don't have an easy method of getting binaries onto the jos ftp server. If you can host your binaries on your own site, please do so and simply link to them. If you can't host binaries on your own site, contact the webmaster ( webmaster@jos.org ) and we'll make separate arrangements.
  12. Announce your software on jos-general@lists.sourceforge.net (the the general JOS mailing list) and any other appropriate MailingLists.
We are aware that there are a lot of accounts you need to set up in order to get started. We are working on creating a single JOS account to centralize all these functions. Any volunteers to help would be greatly appreciated. Contact the webmaster@jos.org.

What about the SourceServer

Previously: What's the difference between the SourceServer and CVS

With the CVS Web Interface ( http://jos.org/cvsweb.cgi ) we can now browse CVS source online. This was the main purpose of the SourceServer. We hope to remove the SourceServer in the future to eliminate confusion ( IainS 06-11-99 ). The other main benefit of the SourceServer was its pretty printing which also made code formatting uniform and ... well, pretty. I hope that someone will write an offline version of the pretty printer ( JOSJavaPrettyPrinter ) so we can produce uniform JOS formatted source for those circumstances that require it. I would also welcome anyone that wants to make modifications to the CVS Web Interface to pretty print the java source (syntax highlighting and pretty printing). Anyone that's interested should contact webmaster@jos.org.

Notice that although reading and downloading of sources in the CVS is available to anyone, commiting new source is password protected. If you want people to be able to get your source, but not modify it without your approval, you can do this with our CVS setup. Simply leave yourself as the only person that can make "commit" changes to your source tree (you will be able to set this up when you get your separate JOS CVS account). Other developers can download and collaborate but will have to submit diffs or merges to you. You can then use these to check "approved" changes into the CVS server.

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