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Welcome to our public pages.

This is the home page for the Info forum. This forum contains the most general information about the JOS Project. It provides an overview of the way this open source project is organized.

Documents in this forum should contain the most non-technical discussion, as non-technical as possible. It may provide more information on our members, our goals, our purpose and tools.

Latest news page

For our latest news page, see also News2003. It is a Wiki article so that our members can contribute their favorite headline.

Basic project organization

Our project enables an operating system designer to find the information they need to design and construct a Java-based operating system. It provides practical information about virtual machines, system programming issues and related products and websites. It is arranged so that research and development can proceed with as little distraction as possible. It is arranged so that all of us can share the same infrastructure and tools.

Our project is organized as subprojects and sister projects. A subproject may research a specific area of virtual machine design. A sister project may develop a JOS-related product. For more information on subprojects, see also SubProjects . For more on sister projects, see also SisterProjects .

Procedure 1

To display this page:
  1. Open your favorite HTML browser. Type http://jos.sf.net/ in the location (address) field and press the Enter key. Result: The JOS Wiki homepage is displayed.
  2. Follow the InfoWeb link.

Procedure 2

The InfoWeb link is provided on every JOS Wiki page. To display this page from any other JOS Wiki page:
  1. Follow the InfoWeb link.

About our website

Our website is intended to help us explain our work to our peers and to the general public. It is maintained by volunteers. Some of our volunteers may be more focused on building a product than taking the time to explain it carefully to their peers. This forum is now trying to change that.

Articles are contributed to our website. They are organized into tours. A tour is a collection of articles. A tour begins with a ..Pages page. Typically, basic information about a topic is presented first. Articles may be presented in the order in which they were contributed. Or, articles may be presented in simple alphabetical order.

For a list of tours, see also IndexPages .

About our mailing list

Our mailing list is intended to help us discuss every part of our project, both technical and non-technical. It is common infrastructure for our project, subprojects and sister projects. For more information, see also MailingList .

Content of these pages are owned and copyrighted by the poster.
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