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From March 1999 to September 1999, we used mailing lists on www.jos.org. Thanks, Webby! Our archives are still available for your review. Here are the archive pages. -- GilbertHerschberger (20 November 2000, revised 5 April 2002).

jos.org mailing list archives


Below is the collection of mailing lists archives on www.jos.org. Click on a list name to visit the archive page for that list. These mailing lists are obsolete; you can no longer subscribe.

(Send questions or comments to mailman-owner@jos.org .)

List Description Links
Admin Administration and organization for the JOS Project. http://cjos.sourceforge.net/redist/mail/admin/index.html
Arch JOS architecture discussion list http://cjos.sourceforge.net/redist/mail/arch/index.html (See also ArchitectureGroup )
Apps Applications http://cjos.sourceforge.net/redist/mail/apps/index.html (See also DownloadApplications; DownloadUtilities; DownloadGames )
Biz JOS Organizational Discussion List http://cjos.sourceforge.net/redist/mail/biz/index.html
Games An Operating system without games is dead! http://cjos.sourceforge.net/redist/mail/games/index.html
General General Discussion List http://cjos.sourceforge.net/redist/mail/general/index.html
Info Public Relations Information http://cjos.sourceforge.net/redist/mail/info/index.html
Kernel Nuts and Bolts http://cjos.sourceforge.net/redist/mail/kernel/index.html (See also ArchitectureGroup; KernelGroup )
UI The JOS user interface disscussion list http://cjos.sourceforge.net/redist/mail/ui/index.html
Vote-Info JOS membership and vote advertisement list http://cjos.sourceforge.net/redist/mail/vote-info/index.html

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