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There are two kinds of packages: planned and published. This article is focused on planned packages, which have not yet been published. For more information on packages that have already been published, see also the list of published packages. -- GilbertHerschberger (31 August 2000).

Planned Packages

JOS Root Package Hierarchy (See also FullPackageIndex )
|	|---jos.app
|	|---%jos.core
|	|---jos.experimental
|	|---jos.hal
|	|---jos.driver
|	|---jos.security
|	|---jos.ui
|	|---jos.util
|	|---jos.vm
|	---jos.net

org.jos |---org.jos.app |---org.jos.core |---org.jos.experimental |---org.jos.games |---org.jos.io |---org.jos.lib |---org.jos.net |---org.jos.registry |---org.jos.server |---org.jos.util ---org.jos.www

Note that this page from now on only covers JOS root packages (= direct subpackages of jos and org.jos). All other subpackages are found on the pages of the respective root package or in the FullPackageIndex page . This is done to enhance the usability of this page - MarkusPeter

Reserved Root Packages

_ Package _ _ Description _ _ Contact _ _ Date _
java clean room implementation of Java Class Libraries ClarkEvans 20 Dec 97
javax Clean room implementation of Sun's javax.* need one 20 Dec 97
jos code specific to JOS Platform MarkusPeter 20 Dec 97
jos.app not portable JOS system utilities/applications need one 11 Jan 98
jos.core non-portable JOS core classes. AveryRegier 26 Oct 98
jos.experimental not portable experimental JOS classes - will be moved to another package later Not needed 17 Feb 98
jos.hal interface to JOS HardwareAbstractionLayer MarkusPeter 10 Jan 98
jos.driver JOS device drivers or interfaces to native drivers MarkusPeter 10 Jan 98
jos.security JOS system security need one 10 Jan 98
jos.ui the JOS UI implementation, both GUI/TUI MarkusPeter 10 Jan 98
jos.net the JOS network implementation/interfaces to the native layer PehrAnderson 10 Jan 98
org.jos portable JOS code MarkusPeter 20 Dec 97
org.jos.app 100% pure JOS applications need one Oct 98
org.jos.core portable core JOS classes. Used to implement java.lang AveryRegier 26 Oct 98
org.jos.experimental portable experimental JOS classes - will be moved to another package later Not needed 17 Feb 98
org.jos.io portable io utilities StefanBorg 10 May 98
org.jos.lib portable JOS libraries MarkusPeter 10 Jan 98
org.jos.net 100% pure JOS network objects BorneMace 17 Apr 98
org.jos.registry Distributed, neutral tree-like registry AlexisPetrounias 7 Jun 99
org.jos.server 100% pure JOS servers BorneMace 28 Jan 98
org.jos.util 100% pure JOS util classes StefanBorg 10 Jan 98
org.jos.www 100% pure JOS WWW classes OmegaBaphomet 1998.08.16
jos.util Data structures, Algorithms, and Classes useful for the Kernel/VirtualMachine RobertFitzsimons 17 Feb 98
jos.vm Java components of a VirtualMachine IanDavis 26 Jan 98

Proposed Root Packages

Add new, proposed root packages (= direct subpackages of jos or org.jos ) in this list.

_ Package _ _ Description _ _ Contact _ _ Date _
org.jos.fs Pure Java drivers for access to different file systems (ext2fs, FAT, ...); floppy/hard disk API StefanReich 17 Feb 98
jos.platform Java Interface for platform specific services, such as DMA, Memory, etc. MattAlbrecht 21-MAY-1999
jos.platform.hardwareResource Java Interface for platform specific services relating to hardware resources. These include DMA, Memory, Interrupts, and I/O Addresses. MattAlbrecht 21-MAY-1999
org.jos.plaf Pure Java pluggable look-and-feels for JOS and JFC, including L&F's to mimic Windows, Motif, Mac, etc. See OrgJosPlaf. SeanCribbs 12-JUN-1999
--- --- --- ---

How to Propose New Root Packages

How to Propose New Packages

Package Policy Proposal

Most of this page was written when JOS was first starting, and the growth of JOS has been much slower than anticipated. JOS should accept any packages it can get, so to speak.

Hierarchical order can still be maintained in two ways. 1) The packages which are formally part of JOS can still have strictly specified names. 2) Jar files can be put into an organized directory structure (such as FHS or other). Informal packages should be left to sprout as needed.

I will check this page periodically for discussion or links to discussion and if no objections appear, in a few months I will delete this proposal and add a statement that other packages will be accepted in CVS and SourceServer.

June 1999

Every legitimate request for a new package should be honored by the JOS Project. The request for a package should follow these steps:
  1. make up your own package name from your own initials and product name
  2. write the interfaces and classes
  3. test the product
  4. make it available to everyone
  5. after everyone has a chance to look at it, discuss how the package might fit into jos or org.jos someday

To do otherwise, we might as well be OrganizedForNothing. - GilbertHerschberger (2 June 1999)

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