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Welcome to the JOS Collective

Where is the JOS operating system?

Our most frequently asked question is, "Where is the JOS operating system?" (and how to download and install it). Well it's not ready for use yet (we're still building it). However, a useful operating system is not just a kernel. It requires many support utilities, applications, and games. Many JOS members have been working on these utilities, and since they are written in Java, you should be able to use most of them with any Java Virtual Machine (JVM's are available for practically every existing operating system). For a quick summary of the running software we have right now visit the GettingStartedProducts page. To learn more about our kernels and their current status, visit the KernelSummary.

New Members

The JOS Wiki (this collaborative website) can be intimidating and hard to get around in the beginning. Here's a list of things to do in order to get started:

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Review JOS's development history

JOS Members, this main page should serve as a launching point and "getting started" guide for newcomers. Its primary goal is navigation . The older table driven layout looked nice but was hard to edit. Please use this simpler layout.

This is not a mailing list or discussion forum. This is the home for our living documents. If you do not like something or feel that a change is needed, do it in GoodStyle.

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