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I've confirmed that the www.jos.org web server is still up and running, even though Dns won't let you get there. It turns out that simply using the IPAddress isn't good enough, since www.jos.org is on a virtual server.

To access everything as normal, put the following lines in your 'hosts' file (which is at /etc/hosts on linux and in C:/Win32/system32/drivers/etc/hosts on Windows)   jos.org   www.jos.org wiki.jos.org

The constitution and policy book can then be found at:

-- AveryRegier
Note by JesBoat again: These IPs do work, but you have to put only if they are in your hosts file, not if they are typed in the address bar.
Note by JesBoat: None of these IPs work, jos.org and www.jos.org point to pillowcase messages, and wiki.jos.org is a virtual host, so cannot be accessed by the listed IP. To visit the wiki, go to jos.sf.net.
Thanks so much for the hint! It works. I'll advertise this page on the jos-general mailing list. -- GilbertHerschberger
Here is a summary of our step-by-step plan to remedy part of this most unfortunate situation.
  1. We are going to make a backup copy of files found on the jos.org server. These files will be written permanently to a CD-R.
  2. Critical pages from the jos.org server will be made available at http://cjos.sourceforge.net/archive/ . Changing their location will inherently require us to rework these pages. They will be reworked as little as possible.
  3. The JOS Technical Edition will be made available at http://cjos.sourceforge.net/redist/ . Formerly, it was available at http://cjos.sourceforge.net/redist/ .
  4. Once pages are made available elsewhere, they will be removed from the jos.org server so that there will be no confusion as to what is the latest information.
-- GilbertHerschberger (10 February 2002)
It is no longer necessary to modify your hosts file in order to see the older JOS Project website. We have copied the site to http://cjos.sourceforge.net/archive/ for everyone to see. -- GilbertHerschberger (15 February 2002)

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