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The JOS Project is a collaborative undertaking by an international group held together by the magic of electronic communication. Any serious collective undertaking is best served by a clear and accessible charter which defines its intent, operational policies, and member rights.

This is an attempt at the definition of such a document.

JOS'ers. I need help editing this. It is full of links to things that don't exist. Please, when you edit this, replace the links with regular WikiName links to pages in the JOS Wiki. (Yes, that means you need to create those Wiki pages too. I am a demanding guy aren't I?) :)

- IainS [05-14-99]

JOS Project Charter

Post your general comments regarding the charter. And start writing pages to address each topic, add/remove new topics, etc. This is an important document for JOS.

Content of these pages are owned and copyrighted by the poster.
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