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How to properly edit a member list page

If you are not on the MemberList, you may edit the contents of the appropriate page to add your name at any time. Please do not replace these pages, simply add your name at the appropriate place in the list.

To do this, click the "edit" link in the upper left hand corner of the appropriate member list page. An Edit-MemberListXX page will be shown.

Most people in the collaboration area have made their WikiName by running their first name into their last name ( FirstLast ). Although you do not have to follow this convention for your WikiName, it is important to be consistent and to insert your WikiName into the list alphabetically. ( do it by the first letter of your WikiName )

Once you are done adding your name to the list, click the "Save" button. This will bring you back to the member list. At this point, you should now see your wiki name. Your wiki name should be a link. By clicking on it, you can fill in your personal User page.

After adding your name to a member list, all new members should register their skills on the Resources page. If you add your Resource info to the MemberList, also make sure you add it to the Resources page.

Please do not use IE v3 to edit this page, it strips formatting.

Please do not use KDE Konquorer 2.1.1 to edit this page, it strips formatting.

Examples :

for consistency please try to stick to one of the three above templates.

If you have any difficulties, report them on the BugList.

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