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  Let's use this page to decide what administrative work needs to be done for JOS.

  Here are some ideas, I don't know if any of these were decided yet or not (can't remember that far back :).

Organizational Structure
Rule Book
Anything Else?

WaynePierce 04/07/98 (updated 12/31/98)

I would like to help out the Organizational Structure part in which I have lots of experience in managment and organizational skills. Do you want to setup a time using icq or irc to discuss about this? Send an e-mail to me at kenneth11@mailcity.com.

-Kenneth Zhang, 04/15/98

I would like to see a central links page where you can download all the current source without transversing the whole damn thing.

-AndyOliver 10.11.98

I've been away for awhile, hopefully I'll be able to stick around this time. For now I'm just trying to get up to speed with the changes.

If anyone wants to get ahold of me I'll be by a computer most of the holiday.

WaynePierce 12/31/98

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