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News Pages

News 2001

2001.04.19 The JOS Wiki has moved to its new address http://wiki.jos.org/ running on the new sfWiki system on sourceforge. Hats off to Todd Miller (_Quinn) who's hard work made this possible.
2001.03.15 The JJOS kernel project has moved to sourceforge.
2001.03.06 Updated website look and feel. Post feedback on the jos-general mailing list.
2001.03.05 JOS Website Overhaul
The JOS website and other online resources are undergoing a massive overhaul. Please subscribe to the general mailing list if you are interested or have suggestions/opinions on this topic. You can stay abreast of progress and plans on the Wiki in the topic WebOverhaul
2001.02.26 Wiki Alert
Netscape 6 (Win2K SP1) appears to mess up wiki edits. Use Netscape 4.x or IE 5.x instead. No fixes are planned as wiki is almost ready to go live.
2001.02.20 The JOS Debugger Interface (JOSDI) Project is now underway

New Releases
2001.08.14 R. 1 of v. 3a of "Pure Reflection for Java"
2001.08.13 Release 4-7 of JJOS 2a
2001.08.13 Release 7 of JJOS 1f
2001.08.08 Release 0.17 of Kissme JVM
2001.08.04 Release 2 of JJOS 2a
2001.07.28 JOSDI 0.1.3
2001.07.13 Release 0.15 of Kissme JVM
2001.07.05 JOS Technical Edition 1k
2001.07.05 StaticWiki Version 1k
2001.07.02 Release 0.14 of Kissme JVM
2001.06.22 JJOS 1i, r. 12, binary edition
2001.05.21 Release 0.13 of Kissme JVM
2001.05.21 JOSDI 0.1.2
2001.05.21 Release 11 of JJOS 1i
2001.05.14 RJK (kernel) Updated
2001.05.14 Release 10 of JJOS 1i
2001.05.10 Release 17 of SmartAPI 2a
2001.05.04 Version 1j of the JOS Technical Edition
2001.05.03 Release 8 of JJOS 1i
2001.05.02 Release 0.11 of Kissme JVM

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