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15 December 2004

Release 1 of ERIC 1f is now available. This version includes a mechanism for setting system (-D) and Java Virtual Machine (-X) properties. Properties can be defined in a configuration file, in a shortcut or on the command line. The eric.home, eric.program and eric.version properties are automatically defined. The Fork API is intended to use these system properties to (eventually) clone a virtual machine.

Release 22 of cjos 1.0 has been committed to CjOS CVS on sourceforge.net. The ant-optional-cjos, cjoslib and cjosweb packages are now available for immediate download. This release of cjosweb includes release 1f-1 of the eric tool for Linux. This release includes the Smart SSL plug-in, enabling your application to more easily create a two-way SSL connection.

See also the CjOS Project at http://cjos.sourceforge.net/ .

6 June 2004

The first release of the Jar Search Utility is now available through CjOS CVS on sourceforge.net. Java classes are often packaged in Java Archives (JARs). The Jar Search utility enables you to search many jars for a specific class. For more information, see also JarSearchUtility.

The first release of the XML Document Controller is now available through CjOS CVS on sourceforge.net. This plug-in implements the new document:xml: scheme. For more information on this exciting scheme, see also SmartApiDocumentXmlScheme.

20 May 2004

During the last six weeks, we have been working toward a more manage-able build process for our CjOS Project. As an open source project, it is important for others to be able to build our software from source code. It was necessary to put great effort into a completely re-designed build process. While this is effort that could not be spent on maintaining and upgrading the C++ and Java source code, our build process must be predictable and reliable.

In the middle of these six weeks, CjOS CVS on sourceforge.net was moved from cvs.cjos.sourceforge.net to cvs.sourceforge.net. It was difficult to commit many of my most recent changes. Instead, the project was checked out of cvs.sourceforge.net to a new development directory. Changes were manually moved from my old development directory to my new one.

For example, early releases of the ant-optional-cjos package mistakenly contained an old version of the Smart API Task because the latest version was .

The Package Audit tool has been very helpful for auditing the build process. This tool enables us to import and then browse a list of Java packages and their build directories. An audit of our Java packages is always full of surprises. The audit shows that our packages are not being built as we intended. The Package Audit tool is free license and open source, part of the CjOS Project.

-- GilbertHerschberger

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