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JOS Project Alerts Archive

Last updated 7-Feb-1999 MarkAMeyer

Table of Contents

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Project Alerts for Week of November 23rd, 98
PeterOnyisi - Up to translating country names? See I18N
JohnDeCuir - Anyone want to start hacking some Java3D code? Please see GraphicsTasks
BorneMace - 2nd Edition JosCommunicationBusArchitecture and MassivelyExtensibleServiceSystem draft document.
Check out the Wired article on JOS from the PressArticles page.
JavaAPI todolist for the Free Java API written in JAVA. AND check out Graphics for discussion of the native graphic layer for jos.
RyanSullivan - I've added some new specifications for memos and a collaboration area in the WebRCS package - 9.9.98

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