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JOS Source Announce Archive

Last update 7-Feb-1999, MarkAMeyer

I uploaded the first version of JobRunner.
A cron-like daemon. org.jos.util.jobrunner
Comments/Critiques/Flames wanted.
--TimMetzler 21-Apr-98

Right in the middle of ShowYourWaresWeek, JOS FileSystem Release 4 Preview is available at FilesystemCode!

Probably the most interesting new features are long file names (a must) and - a cool Swing-based explorer app that lets you browse both your hard disk and a virtual JOS file system. You can copy around, rename... The JOS Explorer includes seamless ZIP support to demonstrate the capabilities of PFS (Pluggable File System).

--StefanReich, 25-Mar-98

I wrote a benchmarking app to test how fast the AWT renders colored polygons. You can find it here.

If you run it, please post results for what you get over at the GraphicsGroup. Thanks!

-JohnDeCuir, 21-MAR-98

Version 0.4 Alpha of the XMLFileFinder is now available. The FileFinder is still a prototype, so it is all rendered in HTML. Version 0.4A incorporates the idea of a bundle, which groups together related hyperlinks in an extended out-of-line link. These bundles become the 'directories' that we are used to in traditional file systems. Another idea is that every web page can be edited, so new hyperlinks can be added to the bundles. You can also view the pseudo-XML for the bundles.

If anyone has a better name than 'bundles' for these relationship groups, definently tell me. All of this is experimental as I search for some sort of unifying, simple concept that will tie the system together.

-- BradNeuberg 2-APR-98

I've uploaded version 0.1 of a Java VM. Comments and criticisms are all welcome

-- IanDavis 16-AUG-1998

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