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Article contributed by GilbertHerschberger (26 October 2000).


Thanks to everyone for their contribution to this discussion. To join the discussion, look fot the General mailing list for JOS at SourceForge.


It is the express, written goal of the JOS Project to produce at least one free, Java-based operating system. Much has already been gained by pioneering the concept of an operating system nearly free of platform-dependent machine code. We have contributed much to the clarification of issues.

A Java-based operating system is such a compelling idea that others have started writing a Java-based operating system, too. Much can be gained by sharing information among all Java-based operating system projects. These are our "sister" projects.

Changing role

The JOS Project has contributed much to the understanding of the Java platform and multiple bytecode processes. This project maintains links to information all across the Internet through its JOS Wiki system.

As more and more people join the global effort to build a Java-based operating system, the role of the JOS Project must change. We are no longer trying to break through the resistance to the idea. People are beginning to see the benefits of an operating system optimized for platform-independent Java applications.

We are no longer trying to prove that it can be done. Others have already done it.

This project is well positioned to take a role to promote the coordination of and cooperation among of its sister projects. Sister projects are able to innovate. Sister projects are able to build working prototypes of a Java-based operating system. The JOS Project becomes a clearing house of ideas, a forum for the discussion of the best Java-based operating system anyone can build.

Any project developing a Java-based operating system should be encouraged to apply for official sister project status at the JOS Project. The criteria for official sister project status may change from time to time.

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