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PrettyPrinter; ReplaceSourceServer

News - 4/20/98 - Been very busy lately, but I did update PrettyPrinter to fix a few bugs and a MAJOR speed improvement for most source files. I tested with a 62K source file on a P200, and it ran at about 16 seconds BEFORE the latest changes. Now it finishes in only ONE SECOND! Amazing what optimizing a 'for' loop can do for ya. :) View the History for more changes.

If someone wants to write a perl subroutine that can format the Source Server main tree view into something nicer, please feel free, and I will incorporate it into the code. I had an OK routine that was almost nice looking, but never enough time to work on it.

Older news - The preliminary SS is online! Go here. Click on the More Info link to read more about it (on that page). This is a beta test, so add bugs you find to the list below (priority order please). I'll make more of an update tomorrow... I'm real tired.

NOTE: Please don't be offended if your source code gets wiped out. Since this is a testing phase, it is likely I will need to fix bugs and wipe out existing source code until it is real stable.


Source Code

Below are links to the source code. If you spot a bug, and you think you can fix it, PLEASE DO. :) That what is great about the Bazaar method. :)


You can view the current history of changes here.

Things TODO

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