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Article contributed again by GilbertHerschberger (12 June 2001).


Great book! I read it with great anticipation. I have been using JOS Wiki for about three years and love it. I used the "ancient" JOS Wiki on www.jos.org, the "old" JOS Wiki on www.metamech.com and the "new" JOS Wiki on wiki.jos.org. I tried QuickiWiki outside a webserver for a couple of days before installing it on my Apache server on a GNU/Linux box. I tried it and like it a lot as a personal information manager.

The Wiki Way is a new book by Bo Leuf and Ward Cunningham, published by Addison-Wesley. It is a good book. I'm looking forward to its second edition. I recommend this book for

This book illustrates its discussion with QuickiWiki software. This software was written by the original wiki developer, Ward Cunningham. It enables you to use wiki as your own personal information manager. With a Perl-based implementation, you can set up your own wiki. That's what I did.

For a wiki author, this book provides a reference of wiki markup. It also describes in simple language what is going on behind the scenes.

For a developer, this book is an excellent reference on how to customize an existing wiki or build your own. It has practical examples for implementing wiki markup. As an experience HTML author, I prefer a mix of wiki and HTML markup. This book discusses the issue of allowing HTML markup and how to mix it properly. It offers advice on securing your wiki database, too.

Official web site

The book has its own website:

About the JOS Wiki

The JOS Project is correctly characterized as building a free and open Java-based operating system . Our own "old" JOS Wiki is mentioned at least twice. The very important Preview feature was nowhere to be found. Our own JOS Wiki software offered this feature for more than two years. This feature is important for new wiki authors. It enables an author to see how an article will be rendered before posting it to the database for others to see. This encourages contribution from those who have never before used wiki markup.

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