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"So," said the gatekeeper to the visitor, "you want to be a developer? One of the few, the proud, the digital?" The visitor nodded. "Then go, and announce yourself to those who work here. May the source be with you."

Getting Involved

The JOS Project, like any collection of wizard, shamans, and halfwits, had its own way of talking to its members, a vast and mighty spell created by the SourceForge, a mailing list which they named "jos-general", whose archives make for interesting reading.

from Of Mice and Men: The Programmers

Just inside the Project gates, the visitor finds an enourmous bulletin board, labeled "the wiki, " to which more than 1900 Scrolls of Whiteboard have tacked. Attempting to unroll one reveals that it is infinitely long, and encloses a pen, on which is written "You must create a new user or login before editing." A brief search reveals many scrolls labeled with the names of authors.

On the wall opposite the bulletin board, a sign is nearly concealed behind a stack of books. It reads, "To browse offline, please take a copy. Last updated June 3, 2001."

Project List

The visitor, having traversed a maze of twisty links, all alike, stands in a room of many doors, some of which may not have been opened in centuries; others of which are propped open by a copy of this morning's paper, with the comics section removed. The carpet is most worn in front of the following doors:

homepage project page
cjos.sourceforge.net SourceForge CjOS
jjos.sourceforge.net SourceForge JJOS
kissme.sourceforge.net SourceForge Kissme

Keepers of the projects: inform the webmaster o' the particulars for your projects.

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