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__Notice__ There is a new info web created to support the lastest version of the wiki (which we're using). See the Wiki . Wiki.WebHome for more information.

Welcome !

This is a WikiWeb like tool which will allow anyone to create/update pages on this site. Hopefully we can use this to create membership lists, brainstorm sessions, requirement documents, detailed specifications, sample code, and other documents essential to the health of the JOS Project.

The Collaborative Work Area is an open effort. Anyone can edit anything anywhere! If you have suggestions, create a page and publish them!

Notice in order to edit pages in the JOS Wiki you must register first. You can do this using the wiki registration form.

WARNING: This site does not currently handle contention. This is on the wish list. The last one to save a page wins. This site is currently a development effort and is not bug free. Please feel free to post your bugs on in the BugList.



The Collaborative Work Area is a bunch of related links that are editable through your web browser.

There are three types of links:

The last type of link takes you to an input form where you can enter the text for the link. You get the same form for an existing page when you follow EditText near its bottom.

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	* CapitalizedWordsWillProduce a link.
	* Blank lines create new paragraphs.
	* _italic_
	* *bold*
	* Seperator:	 --------
	* List Item:	  <3spaces>*
	* Nested Item:	<6spaces>*
	* Ordered List:  <3spaces>[number]
	* Definition:	 <3spaces>[term]:[definition]
	* http:// is linked automagically.
	* ftp:// is linked automagically.
	* mailto: is linked automagically.
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	Most HTML tags will work
	%Foo Bar Bla% will force a link to "Foo Bar Bla"
	%foo:bar% will link to the topic "bar" on web "foo"

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To quote Ward Cunningham on GoodStyle:

Go ahead and be chatty. But, if you write in the first person you should sign your piece. And when adding to a signed piece add a line (a string of minus signs) before your stuff. In general, though, this isn't a news group. If you don't like something, edit it. If you want to save the opposing viewpoint (however naive), create a new WikiName playing off of the original.

The WikiWikiWeb server has very simple TextFormattingRules. You won't go wrong if you start each line without spaces and separate paragraphs with a blank line. Run capitalized words together to make hyperlinks. This sometimes requires creativity; you're up to it.

This thing is made for rambling. Go ahead and start something. Others will come along later to fill in the details. Here's a list of RecentVisitors just waiting for your additions.

One last thing. Please, Please, don't say things to make others mad. And don't say anything that would get me arrested. Many thanks.

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Navigation through the Wiki is getting harder and harder. In an attempt to address this, please:

See this page for an example.

This is an experimental suggestion. Improvements to this suggestion should be made directly to the above paragraph and the sample(s) on this page. Sign below my name with a date.

- IainS 05-14-99

- AlekMarinov 13-09-00

Last changed: 13-09-00 AlekMarinov naebi@hotmail.com

WebHome -- AboutWiki
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