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The JosBrowser Project

This is a project dedicated to developing a completely open Internet browser in 100% Java.

Purpose: To develop JosBrowser, an Open Source Code 100% Pure Java implementation of an Internet Resource Browser.
Motto:The Browser is the Glue.
Team Lead: AkiBobo
Status: Documentation and requests for comments
News Flash: PhoenixBrowser is in preparation! 2001.04.11


Have you guys checked out FESI (Free ECMAScript Interpreter)? It is written and java and sounds good. I just downloaded it, but haven't had a chance to check it out. Perhaps the author would be willing to let us use it with JosBrowser. Here is the link:

-- TimMetzler 28-Apr-98

Hello, my name is Mark Leverentz, but enough about me. I recently downloaded the JosBrowser source code, and I think this is a great project and I would like to get involved. I was looking at the source code for the Registry class, and I noticed that the author had a question getting the constructor to load (for HTTPD vs. COBRA). Here's a suggestion, try declaring these varibles-

public int HTTPD=0;
public int COBRA=1;
and then only have one constructor that looks like this -
public Registry (String hostname, String command, String filename, int i, int method) {
	 if(method==HTTPD) {
			//appropriate constuctor commands for httpd here
	 else { //method must be COBRA
			//appropriate constructor commands for cobra here

so that other classes can call the appropriate constructor with

  new Registry(host, cmd, filename, id, Registry.HTTPD); //or
  new Registry(host, cmd, filename, id, Registry.COBRA);

I hope that helps a little. By the way, I'm also working on the telnet sub-app, and I am impresed by what has already been done, but please let me know if I am doing work already being done by someone else.

Sincerely, MarkLeverentz

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