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Welcome to the JOS Mailing Lists!

All opinions expressed on the mailing lists are property of their authors. They may not be quoted outside the mailing lists or the jos.org website without their permission.

Copyright © 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 by the contributing author(s) and all rights are hereby reserved. All material on this jos.org website and mailing lists are property of their corresponding author(s). The material may not be copied or quoted outside the mailing lists or jos.org website without express permission of the contributing author(s).

Starting in September 1999, we use the following mailing lists on SourceForge:

List Homepage
jos-announce http://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/jos-announce
jos-general http://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/jos-general

For messages from March 1999 to September 1999, see also MailmanListinfo .


And now, here is some of the history behind our current mailing lists...
Mailing lists are currently scattered and unorganized. Improving this is one of the major focuses of the WebOverhaul project. For now, use the mailing lists on SourceForge

Everyone should subscribe to our announce list. This is a low traffic annouce only mailing list. Perfect for those that only want to keep tabs on JOS without getting too much e-mail.

In order to subscribe, follow the link for Subscribe/Unsubscribe/Preferences and fill out the required form. An appropriate e-mail confirmation will be sent to you after you subscribe.

The information on the rest of this page is being kept here for historical purposes until the mailing list situation is sorted out. New members and people that don't know what's going on, please step reading here... The stuff below will just confuse you!

- IainS

The archives for the older mailing lists are available at MailmanListinfo , these archives cover discussions from March 1999 to September 1999.

-- RobertFitzsimons - 24 Nov 2000

In order to subscribe, send email to Majordomo@spin.de with subscribe jos-announce in the body. Note: only use majordomo@spin.de for the jos_announce group. All other lists are hosted through the link below.

We also have a wide variety of mailing lists devoted to different aspects of JOS. These "working" mailing lists are located at http://jos.org/mailman/listinfo . Most of the discussions, brainstorms, and debates happen on these lists.

The current working mailing lists are the second incarnation of the JOS mailing lists. The original mailing lists at spin.de are now disabled (except for the jos-announce list).

Archives of these original lists are available here:

Mailing list news:

As of 24-MAR-1999, *the working mailing lists have moved to http://jos.org/mailman/listinfo .*

The announce list is still at spin, to subscribe send an e-mail to Majordomo@spin.de with subscribe jos-announce in the body

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