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What are you doing?

What is GroboUtils?

GroboUtils (http://groboutils.sourceforge.net) is a LGPL collection of Java utilities which I have found to be incredibly useful. Development is spurious, but I try to stay on top of all issues that arise.

Why work with ResourceManagement?

As Gilbert has shown with his custom URI work (SmartAPIPages), a unique naming convention can be extremely powerful, linking all the resources, both locally and remotely, through a single interface. Java's URL classes, Jini's resources, JavaSpaces (http://java.sun.com/products/javaspaces/index.html), JXTA, and JNDI (http://java.sun.com/products/jndi/index.html) are all examples of attempts to create a Resource naming and management scheme.

As this will be a research project, I'll try look into all technologies. As many have pointed out in the mailing lists, this is the backbone of a Java operating system - how to name and access resources.

How can I help?

The DeviceArchitecture is still in a fragile, mental image that needs to be cemented over. Any volunteers? I'm trying to get time, but I've got too much on my plate as it is.

What Have You Done?

What interesting things have you done?

* DeviceArchitecture - I originally wanted to get into detecting devices, but since there was no architecture defined what so ever for initial boot-up where such detection takes place, I have since started defining said architecture. * PlatformAPI - A Java interface to hardware is necessary for many device capabilities, so I created a generic implementation which was open-ended for future platform expansion, loosely based on the JavaOS design.

What uninteresting things have you done?

Ooh, the list is too long. Here's a brief outline of Java/Design things that may be of interest, or may spark some light in someone:

Nitty Gritty Things To-Do

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