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This is the "negative counterpart" of the SignUpList. Put an entry here if you think something needs to be written and there's no one who's volunteered to do it so far. Likewise, put your name in the "Volunteer(s)" field if you found something on the list you'd like to do. If (and only if) you feel you will manage the task all on your own, delete the entry from this list and put in on the SignUpList. But please consider first that you're making a real commitment if you do this.

To prevent this list from growing beyond a reasonable size, I suggest to focus on our current goal: delivering the first bootable JOS disk.

Task Contact for help/questions Useful resources Volunteer(s)
Implementing a HTML Rendererer OmegaBaphomet JosBrowser RichardKeene, UniversalPeacemaker
Implementing java.lang (Java & native) StefanReich Kore PabloMorales
Implementing a disk device driver (Java & native) StefanReich MediumInterface HansUlrichZimmer, RichardKeene
Extending org.jos.java.io for JDK 1.1 compatibility (Java) StefanReich FilesystemCode UniversalPeacemaker
[Put your name here if you want to apply]
Helping to evaluate RTEMS as a possible kernel for JOS. ClarkEvans RTEMS RobertFitzsimons,
GerhardStegmann, StefanReich, ThierryMallard, AndyOliver,
[Put your name here, and contact Clark]
Getting RTEMS to work on a i386 and helping to bolt Kaffee/Kore to it. ClarkEvans RTEMS RobertFitzsimons,
GerhardStegmann, VeikoSinivee, ThierryMallard, AndyOliver,
HelgeStahlmann, PrayankSwaroop
[Put your name here, and contact Clark]
Helping to hack the Java3D implementation for JOS JohnDeCuir GraphicsGroup MikeHenry, VODKO [ Put your name here, and also on GraphicsTasks ]
Designing the GUI of AddressBook application. InfoBus people wanted for framework, which is virtually complete. MarkLeverentz ApplicationsGroup [contact MarkLeverentz]
Implementation of the java api 1.2 & extentions WeoLopez JavaAPI [contact WeoLopez]
Specification, Design, and Implementation of a digital imaging piece with at least as much functionality as XV LanceGleason JV [contact LanceGleason]
Design and implementation of PL&F's for JOS and Swing SeanCribbs OrgJosPlaf, TGUIGJOSLookAndFeel [contact SeanCribbs]

We desperately need volunteers to become a WebSteward. This is a general call to all JOS members.

- IainS 05-14-99

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