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The new Wiki software looks promising. It certainly is fast. No doubt a lot of work went into it. Now that the JOS Wiki on www.metamech.com has been locked, Wiki authors are forced to cope with problems in the sfWiki software. This article may help authors to migrate from the "old" Wiki to the "new".


Here is a partial list of problems:
  1. The sfWiki software provides an HTML form to edit an article. Its text area field does not seem to word-wrap appropriately.
  2. Pressing the Back button after using the preview page is like an undo; unlike the "old" JOS Wiki it reverts to the original article.
  3. In order to insert a tab character in a text area, it is necessary to use copy/paste. The tab key does not enter a tab character, but moves focus to the next component (a preview button).
  4. Should the word "sfWiki" link automatically. It is not exactly a Wiki name. Instead it requires the percent sign (%) before and after the article name. It wasn't linked in the "old" Wiki software either.
  5. By the way, how to you enter a percent sign (%) when you do not want to indicate a link with a percent sign (%)?
  6. It is not obvious that an article name must be unique in all forums. I tried -- unsuccessfully -- to link a page in one forum to an article in another.
  7. Can I reuse an article name in another forum? No, but it is not obvious. Since articles seem to be unique across all forums, articles should be displayed regardless of forum. If I create an article with the same name in another forum, will it overwrite without warning? Yes, it will. I lost my personal page just like that.
  8. Multiple links on a line do not work quite right. For more information, see also articles A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y and Z.
  9. An article should never contain a link to itself. Even the "old" Wiki software didn't get this one right.
  10. Does the <nolink> tag apply to one word? Or does it apply to the rest of the article? Is </nolink> required?

HTML tags

Some critical HTML tags are no longer supported.

  1. Iain, do you know how to fix this?
  2. Whoops. I originally misunderstood what you were saying. I'm not sure what the proper behavior should be, though, since you can continue editing from a preview page.
  3. Tabs in the edit field appears to be browser-specific (e.g. NS4.7x works), and [three spaces] works as well.
  4. Hm. Iain?
  5. This bug was fixed by very slightly limiting what can be placed between % marks and linked. (To letters, numbers, and spaces.)
  6. see below
  7. see below
  8. This has been fixed.
  9. Why not?
  10. <nolink> only works on the next word, and as such </nolink> is not necessaary. It's not a 'real' markup in that sense. WikiWord WikiWord.
By the way, thanks for the feedback.

- ToddMiller

Saving preview text: Going back and editing the same text you had entered would require storing the text in the session or repost it in a hidden field. Alternatively, you can create a temporary edit table when they first edit. Then keep changes (every time they hit preview) in that table until the save button is pressed. The save button obviously deletes the temp edit record and writes it to the real wiki database. Have you noticed that your edited text is preserved on the preview page (where you can continue editing it)?

Autolinking sfWiki: Are you saying just autolinking the particular word "sfWiki" or words with that format? As far as I'm aware, sfWiki is not proper WikiName format. And I don't think that sfWiki itself needs special treatment. One of the intents of our stricter formatting is to strongly encourage people to use Wiki markups rather than doing things the "manual" way. There are ways of creating wiki links from the rather unimaginative like ThesfWiki and SfWiki to something a bit better such as SFWikiInfo or AboutsfWiki or InfoOnsfWiki. By forcing you to explore these options, we hope to have you use proper wiki names only and not force pages with non-WikiNames. The full text search feature of the sfWiki makes finding information easy even if its embedded in a page with a slightly non-intuitive WikiName.

- IainS

Without forum-specific rendering, these pages were once un-readable: - GilbertHerschberger (22 April 2001)

Heh. Forgot about dating. :)

I fixed WebHome, with nothing lost. (Well, the webring code moved to the index page.) I'll look at the others later, but I suspect they're the same.

- ToddMiller (23 April 2001)

-- GilbertHerschberger (24 April 2001)
- ToddMiller (24 April 2001)

I wholehearted applaud your decision to put all articles imported from the "old" JOS Wiki into the imported forum. It is the right thing to do. There are many, many benefits to this. First and most important, imported articles are easy to read; they look great! Second, we can move articles from the imported forum to the main forum at our leisure. The forum attribute of an article helps distinguish between an old article and new. Excellent job!

-- GilbertHerschberger (26 April 2001)
Talk about turnarounds. I may have to quote you on the sfWiki homepages now. :)

I recognize your desire to help, but as with some of our other exchanges, you do so in an a way that can be very abrasive. I look forward, however, to moving on and working with you, and I thank you for your kind consideration of your words in our further discussions; I will endeavour to display further restraint and civility as well.

I look forward to your commentary on NewFormattingRules. I also think it's time to refactor this page (or this page to another) into a list of current problems. (Perhaps migrating requests to sfWikiRequests?) Did you want to do this, or should I?

- ToddMiller (27 April 2001)

My most recent review of the Portland Pattern Repository and QuickiWiki software reminds me of another feature I'd like to see in sfWiki. Look closely at the title of an article. See how an extra space is inserted before each uppercase letter to make the title more legible. According to The Wiki Way, instead of showing the full text of a link, it can be rendered like a footnote, using a pair of double brackets as in [[http://www.jos.org/]] sometext. This should be rendered as [n] sometext where n is a link and displayed as a number, starting with 1.

-- GilbertHerschberger (5 June 2001)

The Preview feature of the sfWiki software has a problem. I had to write the full text of the TheWikiWay article twice today. Unfortunately, there are links, including the edit link, displayed at the top of the Preview page. Your changes can be lost if you use the current browser window to visit another page before you press the Save button. You can either -- GilbertHerschberger (12 June 2001)
I'm not sure that this can be prevented; the server never sees the changes you made in preview, so it can't send them back to you. Do you think it would be worthwhile to investigate supressing the standard header?

-_Quinn ( 13 June 2001 )

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